No longer is industrial the stripped-down sector. Industrial owners and lessees have a significant list of amenities that they are currently seeking in their spaces — and competition is keen enough that should a property lack what they seek, they will simply move on without looking back. Of course, location is always king. That’s old … Continued
If you believe Blockchain isn’t the biggest thing to hit real estate since the invention of the key, you may be the only one. Research firm Deloitte, not known for its effusive nature, waxes positively enthusiastic about the technology in its report “Blockchain in Commercial Real Estate: The Future is Here”. “A significant portion of… … Continued
Watch out: our buildings are upping their game. They’re getting smarter by what seems like the moment—but how? And how is this going to affect us, their occupants? In a nutshell: we are going to be part of that shift to greater technological use. It really couldn’t be any other way, could it? Let’s expand … Continued
Today, more than ever, food companies are eating up industrial real estate. In fact, these deals have been so large and profitable that many real estate insiders are labeling the food processing industry, in one form or another, as a “target industry,” worthy of the recruiting effort and the time and energy it takes to … Continued
Some would say that the industrial sector is quite possibly the least glitzy or glamorous of all commercial real estate asset classes. There, typically, are no eye-catching architectural design features, no resort style amenities, and no ritzy, high profile addresses. Rather, industrial real estate is intended to be used just how it sounds — to … Continued
The future of work is changing to meet the demands of a modern labor force and looks vastly different than anything anyone would have imagined, even as recently as a decade ago. The culture of the traditional 9 to 5 office job is making its way toward a better work life balance — one that … Continued
Once existing industrial structures are no longer in use or have become abandoned, adaptive reuse projects can be an ideal solution to give new life to an old building, while simultaneously maintaining historic value and conserving resources. And more and more architectural firms are hopping on board with the idea — whether because of the … Continued
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 is a reform with the largest impact on real estate since the Tax Reform Act of 1986. While the material surrounding the reform is dense, it’s important to know the facts if you have, or plan to obtain, commercial real estate investments. Click below for the full story for insight from one of Voit’s CRE brokerage professionals, Patrick McCredie.
The workplace is changing in ways we never imagined. So why the flexible office? Click below for the full story for insight from one of Voit’s CRE brokerage professionals, Ryan Bracker.
Space is tight and builders are scrambling to keep up with the warehouse demand. It seems as though there is too little time to construct the facilities needed to support the growing volume and pace of the growth of e-commerce, as explained by one of Voit’s CRE experts, Bryson Lloyd.