End of Extend and Pretend overlayed on two business making a deal with a bag of money
In recent months, a slew of published articles shed light on the imminent commercial real estate loan maturities and the potential ramifications for the industry and the broader economy. As these loans mature, landlords have limited financing options in today’s market. Lenders are faced with the decision: Should they foreclose on an asset (mainly office … Continued
Glowing skyscrapers illuminate the futuristic cityscape at night generated by artificial intelligence
In a previous blog post on AI, we discussed the myriad ways it will impact the commercial real estate industry — from property valuation and market analysis to predictive analytics to facilities management. As the technology continues to advance, so will its practical applications, and the commercial real estate development community is taking notice. According … Continued
Team overlay on Voit headshot collage with text Strong Company Culture Essential Component to Success
In our previous post, we defined what Voit means by “company culture” and discussed the benefits of a well-defined workplace culture that is put into practice. We examined the positive impact on work-life balance for employees and the company and how a positive culture helps attract and retain talent. In this article, we’ll look at … Continued
Team overlay on happy employee photo with text Strong Company Culture Essential Component to Success
As companies continue to adapt to the post-pandemic workplace, managers across all industries face the challenge of building and maintaining a company culture that works for them and their employees. Companies that built positive cultures before COVID-19 and either preserved or adjusted to the “new normal” workplace are not just surviving but thriving. Those who … Continued
vacant industrial warehouse with downward trend rental rate graph overlay
Despite a steady increase in industrial property vacancy rates since midway through 2022, asking — and actual — rental rates have continued to increase in most Southern California markets. Fortunately, there’s a glimmer of hope for tenants as this upward trend in rental rates might finally be showing signs of a reversal. According to Voit’s … Continued
Double exposure of business person signing contract document or concluding agreement with coins money and immovable property - financial and investment concept
Commercial property owners using conventional straight-line depreciation for their assets may be missing an opportunity to reduce their overall tax burden through cost segregation. What is Cost Segregation? Cost segregation is a tax strategy that allows commercial real estate owners to accelerate the depreciation of individual building components, resulting in significant tax savings and improved … Continued
Seasoned professional working with a young professional showing him the ropes
Part II: Voit Irvine and Anaheim Offices. In recent years, technology has provided increasingly valuable tools for commercial real estate brokers to do their jobs more productively and efficiently. But as we have learned from conversations with Voit brokers for this series, there is no surer pathway to success than having a seasoned mentor. Seth … Continued
senior professional holding a mentoring class in a modern conference room
This is a series of articles focusing on the mentoring experiences of brokerage professionals from Voit Real Estate Services’ Southern California offices. Part I: Voit San Diego Office. Learning the Importance of Mentoring When Eric Northbrook, Executive Managing Director and Partner at Voit Real Estate Services, first broke into the commercial real estate business, the … Continued