It seems appropriate that Measure ULA (United to House LA), otherwise known as the “mansion tax,” went into effect on April Fool’s Day of this year. For those not familiar with this measure, a 4% ULA transfer tax is now levied on the sale or transfer of real property when properties are valued above $5 … Continued
Debt vs Income on a scale
The grim statistics show that commercial-property owners face nearly $400 billion of debt maturing this year as regional bank failures threaten the industry’s biggest source of financing. Local and regional banks accounted for nearly 50% of commercial real estate loan originations in 2022 according to a report from MSCI Real Assets. Additionally, there is almost … Continued
California Assembly Bill 1000 (AB 1000), also known as the Good Neighbor Policy, was resurrected from the corpse of AB 2840. With an aim to protect California communities and improve air quality, the bill would limit, or in some cases, stop the development or expansion of warehouses over 100,000 square feet within 1,000 feet of … Continued
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Inflation, inflation, inflation… We’ve all heard about it non-stop this year. In 1964, according to the Federal Reserve History, “inflation measured a little more than 1 percent per year… Inflation began ratcheting upward in the mid-1960s and reached more than 14 percent in 1980.” Today, the U.S. inflation rate sits at about eight percent; bouncing … Continued
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Many people have a basic understanding of investing in property, but usually, that property is residential real estate like a single-family home or condo. When it comes to investing in commercial real estate, however, there’s less general knowledge of exactly what that is and the benefits that this type of investing holds. At Voit, we … Continued
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Commercial real estate investing can be a great way to prepare for retirement. By diversifying your portfolio and investing in income-producing properties, you can create a retirement plan that provides both stability and growth potential. Let’s discuss how to use CRE investing to prepare for retirement. How to Use CRE Investing to Prepare for Retirement … Continued
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At Voit Real Estate Services, our company culture and unique platform allow us to evolve to meet the evolving needs of today’s clientele. But there’s something else… We’re a broker-owned firm. As the largest privately held broker-owned firm focused solely on the Southern California commercial real estate market, we give our professionals the resources to … Continued
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The industrial sector of the commercial real estate market has many compelling perks that make it a great place to invest. While all investments carry some risk, industrial properties tend to maintain a certain level of stability that other sectors don’t always carry. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why. But first, … Continued
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Industrial real estate is a sector of commercial real estate that blazed forward, full steam ahead even during the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic. With the influx of online shopping, industrial real estate has become even more of a hot commodity. Moreover, companies are buying up industrial facilities to house AI robots that support … Continued
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So, you’re a business owner looking for new office space—congrats! This is an exciting milestone for your business. There are, however, some key elements to keep in mind when making a move (whatever the reason may be). Below are our best tips on what you should consider when leasing office space. Give Yourself Enough Time … Continued