Working with a tenant rep in a commercial leasing transaction is a very smart decision. A tenant rep, also commonly referred to as a tenant advisor, will go above and beyond to take the stress out of the commercial real estate transaction process for the tenant. Their primary role is to essentially run the process … Continued
When considering investment in real estate, having a firm understanding of Opportunity Zones is very important. Since they are still a relatively new concept, there can be quite a bit of confusion as to what, exactly, they are and how they can impact the investing process. Rather than scouring the internet to broaden your understanding, … Continued
Classifying commercial office space is a relatively subjective task. What may constitute a top-of-the-line property in one area could completely miss the mark in another. Even so, there are certainly some general guidelines that tend to be followed when identifying into which category a commercial property falls. Having a better understanding of the pros and … Continued
The generation commonly referred to as “millennials,” those born in the 80’s and 90’s, is dominating the American workforce.  Many companies have responded to this by going to great lengths to restructure themselves in an effort to be viewed as an attractive opportunity by this demographic.  While re-branding a business in a way to make … Continued
Zoning laws affect almost every facet of commercial real estate. They determine how a particular property can be used, what modifications or additions can be made to a building, and more. Without an understanding of zoning laws, you risk creating future issues for your business. In this article, you will learn the basics of zoning … Continued
We have become a society of consumers who increasingly anticipate ease, quickness and convenience in the shopping experience, regardless of what we are shopping for. Checking out at the clothing or grocery store is expected to take no longer in person than it would if you were simply adding a few items to your Amazon … Continued
Mentors can be found virtually anywhere, helping others achieve personal and professional goals. In fact, most of us have probably had a mentor in one way or another; someone who inspired us, taught us, advocated for us or became our best cheerleader! We may even have been a mentor, in any of these ways for … Continued
Regardless of whether you are an investor in commercial real estate or a business owner looking to find the right space, understanding the different types of leases (and there are many) is an important first step in successfully navigating the commercial market. One common type of lease you may encounter is a net lease, in … Continued
LinkedIn is an extremely helpful tool for anybody looking to make a great impression in their industry. Beyond allowing users to create a strong network of like-minded professionals, this platform also gives users access to relatable posts and articles, helps them to develop a personal brand, and even allows them to search and apply for … Continued
Entering into a commercial lease is a big commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is no bigger detriment to your business than getting locked into a lease that won’t sufficiently meet your needs. For that reason, it’s important to hire a local area expert who can leverage their experience, market knowledge and industry relationships … Continued