How CRe is Evolving to Support Hybrid Workspaces
Although many individuals are now permanently working from home, some companies value face-to-face collaboration. Additionally, some jobs are unable to adopt a full work-from-home model. The solution? A hybrid work model. Wave goodbye to the traditional, cubicle-style office. Hybrid work is here to stay; the traditional office, not so much. Let’s talk about how commercial … Continued
America’s Warehouses are Running out of Space
At the tail end of October 2021, we wrote an article about the shipping crisis. Three months later, at the start of 2022, we are continuing to see the effects of a high demand that outweighs the market’s capacity. So, in the midst of all this, let’s talk about what this means for warehouses. Plain … Continued
2022 Commercial Real Estate Predictions
No one could have predicted what the past two years would look like for the commercial real estate industry—and the world at large. Regardless of the uncontrollable, it is still a valuable practice to analyze current CRE trends and see where they might wind up in the following year. With 2021 having come to a … Continued
Base Year CRE
Rental owners have a responsibility to their future selves to set first year rent, or base year, correctly. But why is base year important? Well, base year isn’t just a figure—base year sets the precedent for future years. This considered, the figure set in your base year is important in any commercial lease negotiation. So, … Continued
Top Workplaces
At Voit, we care deeply about not only our clients but also our team members.  For this reason, we were thrilled to have been named to several Top Workplaces lists for 2021, including OCBJ Best Places to Work, OC Register Top Workplaces, USA Top Workplaces, and San Diego Union-Tribune Top Workplaces. Considering this achievement, we … Continued
CRE Mistakes
It’s true. Everyone makes mistakes. At Voit Real Estate Services, however, we’d prefer these mistakes to not concern your real estate investments. We’re here to help drive you as far away from these mistakes as possible. Whether you’re looking for industrial, multi-family, residential, retail, or office space, when it comes to finding commercial property, your … Continued
Zillow & SB 9/10
We all know the platform Zillow. Best known for its home price listing service, the company recently branched out and tried to get into the transaction process itself. However, things didn’t go as planned. As a result, Zillow is currently offloading a superstorm of intended fix and flip homes onto the market; approximately 7,000 U.S. … Continued
Voit Real Estate Office
At Voit Real Estate Services, our four pillars are community, clients, culture, and family. Our team is connected, collaborative, fun, and of course, we’re all about the people. Don’t believe us? Check out this video from our recent summer event. We believe in showing our clients who we really are with full transparency. In an … Continued
Downtown Building
Last month, we answered the question: Is it a good time to buy a building? We discussed the benefits of investing in real estate and elements to consider prior to investing in CRE property. But we believe there’s more to say—which is why we got Greg Marx, Vice President at Voit Real Estate Services, on … Continued
Digital Nomad, Remote Work
If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would it be? This is a question that digital nomads today get to ask themselves time and time again. But what is a digital nomad? What do they do? And how does digital nomadism affect the commercial real estate industry? What should CRE investors consider? … Continued