Business Move Checklist
Is your business considering a move? Looking to relocate your office? As you may know, there’s a lot that goes into moving. (Most of us have done it before!) Preparing to move your business or office, however, might prove more complex than moving your home. Regardless, when it comes to any move, preparation and organization … Continued
The Silver Tsunami
Today, 15% of Americans are age 65 or older, some 40-million people. However, over the next three decades, this cohort will jump to 80 million people. So, what does this mean for the workplace, housing, and for the commercial real estate industry writ large? What effect will the Silver Tsunami have on Commercial Real Estate … Continued
Invest in CRE
As we’ve previously discussed, there are many benefits to investing in commercial real estate. But after over a year of chaos amid a global pandemic, you might find yourself asking, is it a good time to buy a building? Let’s discuss elements you should consider before investing in commercial real estate. The Benefits of Investing … Continued
CRE Broker Qualities
Top Ten Qualities of a Superstar CRE Broker Unfortunately, not every broker is a good broker. But don’t worry. At Voit Real Estate Services, we have over 50 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry under our belts. This considered, we know a superstar commercial real estate broker when we see one. So, … Continued
Converting Warehouses to Office Space
Trends come and go, and this applies to office space as well. If you’ve kept your eye on office space of any kind, it’s likely that you’ve noticed a shift in office design: from cubicles to large open spaces where employees convene altogether. Additionally, considering the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve observed many businesses shift to open … Continued
CRE Sales
After a tumultuous year and a half, it seems as if commercial real estate sales are returning to pre-pandemic levels, as put by The Wall Street Journal. The COVID-19 pandemic brought unknown territory and challenges to the commercial real estate industry. It also, however, brought new opportunities and room for growth, including commercial real estate’s … Continued
CAF Million Dollar Challenge
There are many well-established commercial real estate firms throughout Southern California, but the desire to give back to the community at Voit Real Estate Services sets us apart from the competition. Eric Northbrook, Executive Managing Director of the San Diego Office and Voit Partner, exemplifies just one of the many ways that Voit gives back … Continued
Generation Z
There is a big pool of commercial property investors floating around the market these days, and plenty of competitive commercial brokers diving in to pitch the perfect deal. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, here are five characteristics you should look for in a commercial real estate broker, and some important questions you should ask to be sure you make the right decision for you and your business.
Todd Holley
Todd Holley, SIOR, Senior Vice President & Partner of Voit Real Estate Services’ San Diego office, is known and respected for many things in the Central San Diego area. First and foremost, he is known for his depth of knowledge about the commercial real estate market. Holley believes that a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics … Continued
your broker
In many situations, whether their intention is to “save money” or “save time,” tenants avoid hiring commercial brokers. However, they’re missing out on the best-kept secret of the CRE industry: your broker. Reasons for Hiring a CRE Broker For some, it might be intimidating to hire a commercial real estate broker. (Or client advisor, as … Continued