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Thinking about investing in real estate but not sure where to start? With the right assets, real estate investors can: Diversify their portfolios Create stable income streams Enjoy tax benefits And leverage their properties to build wealth Read on to learn four strategies on how to get started in real estate investing. (Spoiler alert: You … Continued
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Voit’s brokerage division was founded in 1987 and throughout the years, has achieved extraordinary results for our clients. Our brokerage professionals are a tightly integrated group of market leaders who work closely with each other and our clients to provide: Local market knowledge Real-time data And exceptional service This ensures our clients make carefully informed … Continued
Voit Los Angeles
At Voit Real Estate Services, we champion six Southern California markets, with offices in Anaheim, Carlsbad, Inland Empire, Irvine, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Today, we’re highlighting the Voit Los Angeles team. (Because who doesn’t love getting to know who they are working with?) In addition to some on-camera footage of Senior Vice President, David … Continued
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More than two years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic sent nearly all employees from commercial office space to home offices. By mid-March of 2020, 67% of employers shifted their operations to allow their employees to work from home. Although many individuals—including employers, employees, property managers, and owners of commercial real estate—initially viewed remote work as a … Continued
Industrial Real Estate
Back in 2018, one of our Voit brokers wrote an article stating that there was “no end in sight for the growth of the industrial market.” Boy, was he right… Four years later, the industrial sector of commercial real estate continues to grow—and has even been thriving since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But … Continued
Down Payment Requirements for Commercial Properties
Are you interested in purchasing a commercial property? Prior to doing so, you’ll have to ensure all of your financial ducks are in a row—this includes knowing how much you’ll need for a down payment. In this article, we’ll talk about down payment requirements for commercial properties as well as the different types of loans … Continued
At Voit Real Estate Services, our four pillars are: Community Clients Culture Family Our team is connected, collaborative, fun, and of course, we’re all about the people. This is why, since our establishment in 1971, we’ve treated our top producers to an incentive trip at a luxury resort each year. This week, we asked Chris … Continued
Voit Client Advisor
The truth is experience matters. For over 50 years, Voit has developed a reputation for excellence in Southern California commercial real estate. And although we’re in the CRE brokerage business, the title ‘broker’ doesn’t quite cover what our professionals do for our clients. As a result, we like to refer to our brokers as “client … Continued
Sustainable CRE Porfolios
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are likely concepts you’ve heard more and more about in recent years—and for good reason. Today, you can ensure a building is sustainable—which has become even more important for CRE investors. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of sustainability regarding CRE as … Continued
Five Trends Driving the CRE Market in 2022
As we all well know, COVID-19 has continued to dominate headlines into 2022. The pandemic has changed how people conduct business, interact, shop, and live. This considered, there is no going back to what we once considered ‘normal.’ As with most industries, commercial real estate will continue to be affected. In this article, we will … Continued