The commercial real estate industry is constantly changing and growing with the needs of investors, business owners and consumers. In fact, the only trend that seems to have remained constant since the beginning is the important role that location plays in the value of a property. Over the past decade, in particular, the commercial market … Continued
Commercial real estate has always been deep rooted in the retail sector. Many of our ancestors came to this country with not much but the American dream of starting and growing their own business from the ground up. So many had this dream of making enough money so they could provide for their families and … Continued
I think we can all agree that in our day to day lives, there never seems to be enough time. Running around and trying to get everything done in a day can, often times, be exhausting and there’s always more to be done than we seem to have the capacity to achieve. In reality, however, … Continued
The face of traditional retail space has changed exponentially over the past couple decades, particularly since the introduction of e-commerce in 1991. The many transitions the retail sector is undergoing have led some to believe that brick-and-mortar retail is slowly becoming a thing of the past. However, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. … Continued
If you go to your favorite search engine and type in “best podcasts,” your screen will immediately flood with pages upon pages of available content claiming to be exactly what you need to get motivated, market yourself, find balance, start your new business, and on and on and on. In short, it can lead you … Continued
Investing in commercial real estate is a tried and true method of building real, lasting wealth, as well as a wonderful way to diversify your investment portfolio. Among the many benefits of CRE investment are the incredible appreciations they offer in value, the access that they provide to cash flow (as monthly rents come in), … Continued
Commercial real estate sales is drastically different than selling residential property. Almost all experienced CRE brokers will say that working in the commercial sector is a completely different beast than the residential market. However, selling commercial properties that are slated for new construction requires an entirely different set of skills and can be extremely challenging … Continued
While technology certainly has its advantages, it’s also made it exponentially easier for important personal information to fall into the wrong hands. Cybercrime, referring to any type of crime that takes place primarily online, continues to rise despite technologies’ best efforts to safeguard against it. While there is unfortunately no way to guarantee your safety … Continued
The term “industrial real estate” refers to any commercial building used for the purpose of creating, storing, or distributing a product, or any type of equipment that will provide a service to a larger demographic. The eight major types of industrial property you will come across are warehouses, manufacturing buildings, cold storage buildings, data hosting … Continued
The commercial real estate industry is constantly changing and shifting. Trends emerge and disappear seemingly as quickly as they began. For this reason, it’s important to diligently keep up on what’s happening so you can be well-informed when it comes to finding the right space for your business or investment. If you’re looking for commercial … Continued