Commodity Inflation in the CRE Industry
You can’t have missed it—headlines regarding inflation worries. Economists and policymakers are vigilantly tracking shortages and are scouring data for indications of inflation, according to The New York Times. In addition, the Federal Reserve System has recently noted that many businesses, according to their latest Beige Book survey, have listed COVID-related disruptions “as reasons for … Continued
How to Use Office Space to Promote Activity and Mental Wellbeing
How are you spending your time? And in what environment? Did you know that, according to the Huffington Post, the average person spends over 13 years of their life at work? This considered, the environment you work in has a huge impact on your mental wellbeing. But the good news? You can use office space … Continued
The Evolution of Multifamily Property
In 2020, the multifamily real estate market was forced to navigate more than a few bumps in the road. Rental applications dropped a staggering 10% due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, according to Multifamily Executive. Although we’ve gotten through what was hopefully the worst of the pandemic, it’s now time to re-analyze the industry and … Continued
Downtown San Diego
The entire world came to a standstill amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. Well, nearly the entire world… Despite all odds, construction in downtown San Diego has continued to barrel forward at a rapid pace. Not up to speed on what’s going on yet? Here’s a rundown of what exciting new developments are taking place in … Continued
How Real Estate Affects Your Company's Organizational Culture
Don’t underestimate the importance of where you work. Yes, where you physically work and your environment. The blueprint of the office has come a long way and continues to change every day. From cubicles to non-traditional community offices, we’ve watched workplace real estate shift more than a handful of times—especially considering the recent COVID-19 pandemic. … Continued
Proposed Tax Plan Commercial Real Estate
With the ushering in of a new presidential administration comes change. An important proposal to note for commercial real estate? The American Families Plan. Here’s what its proposed tax plan means for commercial real estate. According to the White House, The American Families Plan seeks to “make education more affordable… provide economic security for families, … Continued
How to Secure Quality Commercial Space
The COVID-19 pandemic brought the general economy an understandable set of challenges. According to the Pew Research Center, the outbreak increased the number of unemployed Americans by over 14 million. In fact, the unemployment rate jumped from the lowest it’s been in the post-World War II era—from 3.8% to 13%. But with the end of … Continued
Future of Commercial Office Space
The world has been on standstill. Over one year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic sent nearly all employees from commercial office space to home offices. In mid-March of 2020, 67% of employers shifted their operations to allow their employees to work from home. Employers, employees, property managers, and owners of commercial real estate viewed remote work … Continued
How to Succeed as a Commercial Real Estate Broker
It’s inevitable – we all desire success. But how do we achieve it? What about working as a commercial real estate broker? At Voit Real Estate Services, we know what it takes to succeed. Do you? Choose a Reputable Brokerage Company The first step to success as a commercial real estate broker is, of course, … Continued
How CRE Brokers Help Businesses Scale
Today, it seems that everywhere you look, there is a startup or new business launching. According to research, however, 90% of startups fail—with 21.5% of startups not making it past the first year. The reason? In many cases, a lack of funding. Because of this, the ability to successfully scale your business has become more … Continued