Developed a global marketing strategy optimizing asset value

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Assist Valeant with a global marketing strategy for the company’s real estate portfolio. Valeant’s real estate portfolio encompassed over 1.1 million square feet of land and buildings in seven countries. Completion of the project required providing a global marketing strategy, as well as to sell/lease complicated properties with limited historical information within a 12 week time frame.


Voit assembled a global market team to execute this strategy to its full potential. Voit joined forces with King Sturge and CORFAC, two international property consultant companies, and created a practical solution to optimize asset value and implement a current marketing program. Voit used its real estate expertise to assist Valeant in numerous sales and lease transactions.


Voit assembled a team of experts that developed a global marketing strategy which excelled in creating a practical solution optimizing asset value and exceeded the client’s expectations. Voit was able to represent Valeant in numerous sales and lease transactions involving in excess of 1.2 million square feet and totaling over $36 million.