Acquired expansion space for client that met all needs

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Acquire additional expansion space for Panasonic Avionics within walking distance of its headquarters. This space needed to provide Panasonic with room to accommodate nearly 200 employees, client demonstration space and a conference center.


Voit located an available 43,500 square feet of office space and facilitated Panasonic acquiring it. The space was within walking distance of the company’s headquarters and large enough to meet the needs of the client. Voit focused Panasonic management on the situation and moved them into first place, above many other potential clients, and negotiated a 56-month lease.


Voit handled the 43,500 square feet of office space that was in an ideal location with all the specifications. Voit also negotiated the purchase of furniture at less than 10% of cost. Voit then came to a 56-month lease agreement for Panasonic, to ensure that the timing of the lease expiration would coincide with the balance of other area leases; this enabled greater flexibility at the time of the client’s next lease renewal.