Successful sale of 506,490 square foot property to all-cash buyer

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Sell a 506,490 square foot hi–tech warehouse property within 75 days. This $14 million manufacturing facility owned by Hewlett-Packard and located on 30 acres of land, needed to be sold to a qualified all-cash buyer in a short term sale and leaseback during a very challenging market.


Voit understood this property provided potential tenants with above standard amenities that included 100% A/C facility, 21 KVA power, epoxy coated (ESD) floors, 25-35′ ceiling height and ESFR sprinkler system. Voit used these amenities to entice prospective tenants to look at this property. Voit discovered a need to Overton Moore and pursued them and capitalized on the need for this property, as well as the desire for Hewlett-Packard to sell it immediately.


Voit was successful in selling this large property within 75 days. Voit’s sale of this half million square foot property was the largest short term sale, hi-tech property sold within the Silicon Valley since the same property was originally sold years earlier.