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  • Flexible Work Needs Flexible Space

    The workplace is changing in ways we never imagined. So why the flexible office? Click below for the full story for insight from one of Voit’s CRE brokerage professionals, Ryan Bracker.
  • Too Many Packages, Too Little Time

    Space is tight and builders are scrambling to keep up with the warehouse demand. It seems as though there is too little time to construct the facilities needed to support the growing volume and pace of the growth of e-commerce, as explained by one of Voit’s CRE experts, Bryson Lloyd.
  • Make Way for Generation Z

    We talk a lot about location, building conditions, & SF of CRE properties but it’s becoming increasingly important to start thinking about the next generation entering the workforce, Generation Z, as explained by one of Voit’s CRE experts, Adam Hill.
  • The Best Locations for Retail Commercial Properties

    While location – location - location will always hold true when determining the right place for your retail business, there are many things to consider before signing any new lease, as explained by one of Voit’s CRE brokerage professionals, Tony Archer.
  • Making Retirement Income on Industrial Real Estate Investments

    What factors are the bread and butter of an investment? Real estate investments are a great way to generate strong returns for retirement but there are important things to consider before settling on a property, as explained by one of Voit’s CRE brokerage professionals, John Viscounty.
  • Red Flags for Industrial Real Estate Property

    Even if an industrial property appears to be in good shape, it is important to remember that looks can be deceiving. Before you make any sort of investment, take the time to carefully inspect the building. This list of red flags is not all-inclusive, but you can use these seven signs to help evaluate the general condition of a property before you get serious and sign on the dotted line.
  • Considerations for Industrial Real Estate Investments

    Considering investing in an industrial real estate property? If so, there are some very real benefits to doing some initial research and understanding what you’re in for as explained by one of Voit’s market experts, Brandon Keedy.
  • 5 Qualities You Should Look for in a Commercial Real Estate Broker

    There is a big pool of commercial property investors floating around the market these days, and plenty of competitive commercial brokers diving in to pitch the perfect deal. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, here are five characteristics you should look for in a commercial real estate broker, and some important questions you should ask to be sure you make the right decision for you and your business.
  • Why Industrial Real Estate is Top of Mind for Global Investors

    Why is industrial real estate becoming so popular? And we don’t just mean for business owners looking to expand their operations. We’re talking about global investors looking for attractive investment opportunities and flocking to the world of industrial real estate. But what makes these properties so special and such an important part of the investment portfolio?
  • Should you be converting your office space into industrial space in 2018?

    A recent real estate trend has emerged as e-commerce businesses are on the rise and retail or office spaces close their doors. It has become all about converting retail or office space into high-demand industrial space.
  • What Will Online Shopping Mean for the Commercial Retail Space Industry?

    Times are changing. We live in a country where you can break your favorite earphones on a Tuesday afternoon and have a replacement on your doorstep Wednesday, without once leaving your couch. What a time to be alive! But what does the increased convenience mean for retail space and the commercial real estate industry as a whole?
  • Converted Industrial Spaces and the Changing Industry

    Dating back to the Industrial Revolution, the layout and manner in which industrial buildings are utilized has evolved but as with most things, trends have seemed to come full circle. So, where does that leave us now and what does this mean for the future of Industrial space?
  • The Future of Industrial Real Estate – 2018 Trends

    The year 2017 came with great change, and continued growth, for the commercial real estate industry. But as we dive into 2018, we will begin to see some changing market conditions and how they will affect the industrial real estate market in the new year.
  • What About Weed? How Cannabis Production Will Affect the Demand on Industrial Real Estate

    It’s pretty incredible how the legalization of either recreational or medical use of marijuana in the United States has changed the legal and commercial landscape of the green-producing plant. And when we say green, we mean the economic benefits it has generated for this country. But how does this affect real estate?
  • The Amazon Debate: How A Shift in Retail Business Models Will Affect Industrial Real Estate

    Whether it’s based on mere convenience or a digital discount code to use a checkout, all of us have shopped online one time or another. It’s no surprise to hear the birth of internet shopping has radically shifted consumer behavior. So how will the increasing need for warehouses & distribution centers affect both brick and mortar retail space as well as the industrial sector?
  • Will Remote Workers Lessen the Demand for Office Space

    Over the past decade an influx of companies have embraced the freedom that technology offers their workers, and their own options for saving on office space expenses by allowing their employees to work remote. But what does remote work mean for the office sector of CRE?
  • Is the Office Desk Dead?

    The traditional corporate office has evolved significantly over the years. They started out with segmented office spaces, often with doors, to give each individual worker the privacy they need. Decades later, in an effort to save space and reduce expenses, the cubicle was introduced. Privacy was broken down to roughly three metal, 6-foot walls around a desk.
  • The Rise and Fall of the Suburban Office

    Over the past several decades we’ve seen a huge number of giant corporations moving large operations out of expensive, urban cities to smaller, less expensive and more manageable suburban areas. But is this approach changing?
  • Retail Isn’t Dead!

    Why is Westfield UTC mall in San Diego adding a total of 250,000 square feet of retail while Amazon is growing at a furious pace? Because bricks and mortar retail is far from dead. As long as retailers are willing to adjust, the brick and mortar model isn’t going anywhere soon.
  • How International Investment is Shaping Real Estate in Southern California

    Do commercial real estate (CRE) investors have faith in Southern California? Lately, global investors have been expressing an increased interest in Southern California, setting their sights on Los Angeles in particular.