Strong Company Culture: Essential Component to Success

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As companies continue to adapt to the post-pandemic workplace, managers across all industries face the challenge of building and maintaining a company culture that works for them and their employees. Companies that built positive cultures before COVID-19 and either preserved or adjusted to the “new normal” workplace are not just surviving but thriving. Those who have failed to do so may struggle to compete for and retain the kind of talent that delivers results for the company and its customers.

What Is Company Culture?

There are as many definitions as there are Google search results. We found a post from that provides a description that best reflects what we believe is important in Voit’s workplace culture:

“Company culture is defined as the shared set of values, beliefs, and attitudes that make up an organization… It’s reflected in the way customers and employees are treated. While a company’s culture can take many different forms, a positive culture is often based on respect, support, honesty, and alignment with core values.”

What Are the Benefits of a Strong Work Culture?

Here are some of the top advantages we found in our research, many of which are consistent with the company culture at Voit:

Attracts and Retains Top Talent: A positive company culture fosters a sense of belonging and purpose, making it more likely that high-caliber employees will be drawn to the company and, more importantly, want to stay. People who feel valued and appreciated are less likely to leave for other opportunities.

Boosts Employee Engagement: In a supportive and collaborative environment, employees are more invested in their work and motivated to contribute their best efforts, which leads to higher productivity and a happier workforce.

Improves Decision-Making: A strong culture with clear values and goals empowers employees to make decisions that align with the company’s overall direction. This reduces confusion and leads to better business outcomes.

Strengthens Customer Experience: Happy and engaged employees provide a better customer experience. A positive culture translates into a more positive customer experience, which can be a significant competitive advantage.

Supporting Employee Well-Being: The pandemic really drove home the importance of employee well-being. A positive culture prioritizes work-life balance, mental health support, and open communication, leading to a more resilient and satisfied workforce.

Company Culture Saves Money: Employees in higher-skilled industries (like commercial real estate) typically require a significant amount of training and lived experience to succeed. The time and resources invested in training and mentoring new hires could be better allocated toward serving clients and driving revenue.

Voit Real Estate Services’ Company Culture

This two-part series explores how Voit fosters a work environment that balances productivity and employee satisfaction while putting our clients first. We spoke directly with brokers, managers, client coordinators, and CEO Eric Hinkelman to gain insights from their lived experiences. The themes noted above are woven into their shared experiences.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

One of the ways that Voit retains talent is by promoting from within. Hilda Chavez started as a temp nearly ten years ago, was hired as a receptionist, promoted to administrative assistant, then executive administrative assistant, and is now Voit’s Operations and Event Manager, a position she has held for the past two years. “Voit is huge on organic growth, we love to promote from within,” says Chavez. “While it may be easier for some companies to go out there and hire someone with experience, at Voit, everyone who wants to learn and grow and raises their hand is given the opportunity.”

Like Chavez, Ashley Rush was hired into an entry-level position before being promoted to Executive Client Coordinator. She provides administrative and marketing support to one of Voit’s top brokerage teams. A self-described “very social person,” her parents encouraged her to pursue a career in real estate. While working towards her real estate license, she joined Voit as an administrative assistant to learn the ropes.

Ashley Rush headshot in a cirlce

“They knew that I was coming in fresh off the boat and that I knew nothing about commercial real estate, but they took a chance on me,” said Rush. “I started off really rocky and was humbled in this fast-paced environment, but I grew a lot and learned so much because of the mentors I’ve had here. Management was very supportive and encouraging throughout, and I don’t think I would have thrived the way I have without that support. It’s the company culture that made it possible.” Rush’s work ethic and receptive attitude toward the mentoring process have paid off. Voit recognized Rush with an Outstanding Staff Award in 2022 and as the Employee of the Year at their awards event in February.

“Our staff members are lifers, and our turnover is pretty much non-existent,” says Chavez. “We have a large number of staffers who have been here for over 10 years. Once they get into Voit, they don’t want to leave.”

Ian Ozimec headshot in a circle

Many of the company’s brokers have also advanced through the ranks. Voit has a robust internship program. Many of their current brokers began their careers as interns in Voit’s half-dozen offices. Ian Ozimec, CCIM, Senior Associate, of the Ontario office in the Inland Empire, worked at his father’s industrial brokerage firm during his college years. He then interned at Voit in 2019 before joining the company as an associate in 2020. “I was pretty drawn to staying here after graduation, so I think that speaks to the nature of the culture being contagious, and I mean that in the best possible way,” says Ozimec. “The people who make up our office — from brokers to client coordinators — are very collaborative in nature. So, it just feels like you’re working with your friends. It’s also a culture where everybody feels valued and that they can contribute to the company’s success.”

Work-Life Balance

Our interviews made it clear that Voit’s company culture also supports a healthy work-life balance. Research shows that a culture that supports work-life balance reduces stress, leading to better employee health and well-being. According to the Harvard Business Review, this translates into happier, more engaged, and productive employees. When employees feel like they can recharge outside of work, they typically return with more energy and focus.

“Voit understands that we all have lives outside of this company, and they understand the importance of work-life balance,” says Rush. “A lot of our lives are spent working, so if you build a culture that is supportive, fun, and values and respects its employees, you get employees who are dedicated, loyal, and want to work hard in return. Not only that, everyone gets to go home feeling a sense of purpose and joy, and that type of energy is infectious. I think it also helps me become a better version of myself inside and outside of the workplace.”

With a job market as competitive as we currently have, companies that understand that their employees have lives outside of work tend to retain their employees, reduce absenteeism, and prevent burnout.

“With this company, our family comes first. Voit doesn’t view us as numbers,” says Chavez, a mother of three. “When there are concerns around anything that has to do with your personal life, we are well taken care of, and being able to have that life-work balance is the biggest thing for me here at Voit.”

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Our next installment will focus on Employee Engagement, Rewards, Team Building, and Corporate Decision-Making and will also feature input from Chris Drzyzga, VP/Partner, and Eric Hinkelman, CEO.