At Voit, we are able to provide our clients with unmatched service, in part, because of the many corporately provided resources available to every professional.
Voit professionals are armed with highly qualified support staff and marketing templates in order to provide high quality materials that effectively market our clients’ properties, while our brokers focus on searching for unique opportunities and strategic solutions.
Voit has an in-house market research team equipped with information from more than 40 national and local third-party data vendors. This valuable market intel combined with the proprietary data collected by our brokers, allows Voit brokerage professionals to provide our clients with the sophisticated knowledge required to make the best decisions for their specific commercial real estate needs.
Voit offers all of our professionals a comprehensive training program. We foster a unique culture where our market leaders invest the time, energy and resources to help our next generation. In a highly dynamic industry, providing the resources for our team members to learn the business the right way from both in-house management and senior leadership to hired consultants and online training platforms is a high priority at Voit.